Amazing 4 day studio makeover

I’ve been dying to replace the shag carpet in my studio with flooring that doesn’t eat small dropped items.

Day 1. Remove everything from the room.
Halfway through (wish I’d thought to do a before picture):

Contents moved to living room:


I ran the robovacuum in there for an hour, and was vastly disappointed that it found only one bead and the hook part of a hook and eye fastener. Where did the rest of the lost bits go?

Day 2:
Carpet and pad removed, tack strips pried up, nails and staples pulled, floor swept, vacuumed, and wiped with ammonia, AND edges caulked:

Day 3:
Working late, nearly done;

Floor done!

Day 4:
Stuff back in place, but reduced by filling an entire rolling recycling container (egg cartons, oatmeal containers, lots of miscellany), half of a rolling trash can, and two boxes for goodwill:

All the furniture went back where it was because that’s the best use of the space. I’ve tried variations, and even did a scale floorplan and tiny cutouts for the furniture. So I guess this isn’t really a makeover, more like a floor replacement. But I’m thrilled!


What a nice transformation!!! I love the light wood. It looks like a wonderful place to work and create…did you paint the wicker chest? The color is great!

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Thanks! It’s self stick vinyl tile, so I installed it myself, though hubster helped with prepping the floor.

Yes, I painted the wicker; the insides of the drawers are bright pink. Love the green color, but that brand of spray paint was difficult to work with, thin and drippy. Next project, I made sure to get Rustoleum, my favorite.

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Wow! Such an awesome transformation.

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Thus looks so much better, and I’m sure it’s easier to work in there, too.

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Wonderful! Reducing all that volume alone would have counted as a makeover in my book! The new flooring really opens up the space.

Can’t wait to see how the creative juices flow from here! :smiley:

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wow–they sure have upgraded vinyl…and amazed that you did all the work…also love your funky curtain trim…a very fun room!

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That’s a huge amount of work for 4 days, good job!
Collecting beads off the floor is much easier than out of a carpet (done both).
It looks really good, just moving things out and putting them back in an organized fashion makes a big difference. Add to that cleaning and a new floor and it’s awesome.

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YAY, congrats on the new space and organization! I also love doing scale floor plans!

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Thanks, y’all! I sorted beads and put them in new storage containers yesterday. Dropped a few, AND FOUND EVERY ONE!


This is amazing! We want to do something similar with our upstairs floors (right now all carpeted). You make it look so simple. I hope that’s really the case (outside of having to completely take apart rooms, etc.)

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It wasn’t hard; we were lucky the subfloor was in good shape. After all the cleaning, it took me about four hours to do the 10’x12’ room.

Some tips:
Clean the subfloor really well, including wiping it down with an ammonia water mixture.
Follow the directions about snaplines; walls are rarely square, so you can’t just lay tiles along a wall and expect them to work out.
To cut the tiles, score lightly once with a sharp blade, then bend to break. Put in a new blade AT LEAST every time you open a new case of tiles.

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Thanks for the tips!