An addition for my messenger bag!

So I made a messenger bag a few days ago for my new laptop and well… my fiance got a little paranoid about how it wasn’t padded enough (I did use a thick fleece interfacing, but apparently not ‘padded’ enough for him). Lol.

So to help make him feel better (lol) I made a laptop sleeve to put in the messenger bag for my laptop!!

I just decided to go with a very simple design with the basics… also a zipper top. I’m a little proud of myself on this one too, didn’t use a tutorial or a set of instructions, just used techniques I learned over the months :slight_smile:

If you can’t tell… I like unicorns :laughing:


Yes, yes…I’m feeling like unicorns are a thing that you like a lot! lol. I love the fabrics, they are super super cute! Great job on the messenger bag!! I love that feeling of I just kinda figured this out and it totally worked!! It’s awesome! <3

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This is great! Did you use any special padding for the laptop sleeve?

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Your unicorn laptop sleeve looks fab!
Love the fabric pairing…it is awesome :smiley:

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That’s the most magical of laptop sleeves! I love unicorns too, and your fabric pairing is fantastic. Wonderful job! :unicorn:

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I forgot to mention that in the post, d’oh!

I used a half inch thick foam padding on each side and the bottom of the sleeve. Lots of padding! :laughing:


Very lovely! Which laptop wouldn’t want to live nearby that many unicorns :wink: :smile:

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You should be proud of yourself - it’s fab!

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Well done. I’m sure the unicorns will watch over your laptop for you. :blush:

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A magical design and downright cute!

The fabric looks great, and I also sort of agree, a laptop needs padding, especially in a messenger bag that can crash into something without you meaning to do it. BUT, at least you have a new and pretty bag for your bag :smiley:

Fun fabric and sounds like it will be protected by both foam and magic now.

That liner is downright magical! Amazing!