An Animal Crossing themed gift set

@roler finally opened her birthday gift today (happy birthday, bestie!), so I can share what I made for her here!

First up is her favorite character, Boomer.

He even has working pockets!

I bought a pattern for Roald, another penguin character, and made some changes to make Boomer. His hat had me stumped for a few days, until i finally figured out something that would work. I also couldn’t find a good brown color to use for the hat. @fishstix43 was kind enough to send me her brown yarn from the sharing and caring gift along stash. One of the shades worked perfectly!

I also made a gift box using yarn and plastic canvas.

And of course I had to make a money bag!

Two of my favorite deep sea creatures in the game are the starfish and the umbrella octopus. I included those as well.

Here is everything together to see how they compare in size. Boomer is huge! About 16 inches tall when sitting.


This is so amazing! :smiley:

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So cute! I’m glad the yarn worked out!

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So cute!! I love the idea of the gift box as well!

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I love absolutely everything about this! Not pictured are some sewing supplies included in the gift as well. I feel so spoiled!! My Boomer is absolutely adorable and I love him! Thank you so much!!


I know nothing about Animal Crossing, but your crochet gift set looks perfect to me!


So cuuuuute! I’m not surprised that @roler loves her gift!


This is so fantastic! I LOVE each and every piece. I love all of the little details you captured on Boomer. Working pockets? Magical.


This is so sweet and so well done. I love Boomer. He looks so happy and pleased to be gifted to roler. I love the extras with the coin purse, starfish, and umbrella octopus. They are super cute. The box is impressive too. That takes a long time and it turned out amazing!