An Ashtray Out of Epoxy For A Friend

I made this Ashtray for a request of a friend who wanted to buy something of my work…

He is a writer and reader and chessmaniac and he loves Ireland and one of his favourate colors is green…So I persolised it …I took an Ashtray mold and used a picture of the cliffs of Moher in Ireland…and put the King and Queen of Chess in front of it…
These lasts I made a few weeks ago with u.v epoxy …I know again I had some beginnersmistakes but that’s how one lears isn’t it…Rather satisfied with the result.


Such a custom project!

I love a useful craft, and if he smokes, this is it! If he doesn’t, he can use it as a trinket dish, so either way, it’s a win. Lovely and fun customizations.

Thank you…yes hé smokes…I put it on FB too and somebody must have had showed it
.becos he doesn’t has no internet…he tought it was great…but I must say that it looks much better in real life then on the picture

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This is wonderful! I love that there’s so much glitter and color!

Right smart there Matey. :upside_down_face: