An assortment of pillows

These pillows were made at various times but the newest one is special.

The two one left are simple pillows made from fat quarters I got of my own fabric designs printed on Spoonflower.

The one on the right is made envelope style from an old hoodie my husband screen printed with our family crest.

I used the zipper bits for the back.


Nice fabric designs, and cool reuse of the hoodie.
Does the crest represent something? Like quicksnap buckles to represent readiness…?


three arrows, three ladders and a castle. Hubs redesigned his official family crest with inspiration from the Japanese “mon”


Very cool! I love the little zipper detail from the hoodie!


:trophy: Yahoo! Your awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :trophy:

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AWWWW! THANKS! That’s awesome

Lovely pile of pillows!
Great fabric designs and I also love how you reused the sweater with your husbands family crest design on it.

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I love that you made these using your own fabric! The zipper back is great!

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