An early art journal

This is one of my earliest “art” journals. I mostly used it to try out new back grounds and practice lettering. I ended up attaching smaller art pieces (ICAds, altered library cards, altered tags, etc) to the pages once I had the back grounds done. So I wouldn’t call this polished by any means. but it was a lot of fun and I finally finished it up this summer.


Way cool! You really inspired me. I just need to try to make one.

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This is great! It’s neat to see how your style has changed. How do you keep the pages from sticking together? And, what did you use for the textured squares on the “Make a beautiful mess” page? Is it texture paste? Can you use spackle for that, or would it be too crumbly?

I keep wax paper between the pages until they are completely dry. so sometimes my books sit around for ages with pieces of wax paper hanging out of them. If I think a page will stick even after its dry I will rub some dorlands wax on it but be careful it can smudge things.

Those squares were texture paste. I have tried spackling. and maybe it was the brand I got but it was crumbly. if I mixed it a long time it was sort of useable. Adding a little bit of paint to give it color and then mixing gave the best result.
You can also use heavy gesso.
I’ve seen recipes out there for homemade texture paste using cornstarch and glue I think. I tried it a long time ago but didn’t have success but now that I have more experience I may give it another try.

Thanks for the added info. Good to know that the wax can smudge- that would be a heartbreaker! And, thanks for the tecture paste ideas. I have seen people use it so often that I’d like to try it. But, I’ll have to order some up, first. I’ll look for some homemade recipes, too. I wouldn’t have thought to try making some!

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Love, love, LOVE the library cards. So fun and good for you for finishing a journal.

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I love how many different techniques you try, constantly refining your art. And that book is so much fun!!