An Entirely Web-Based Christmas Card

This was our 2018 Christmas card – the year my daughter spent a good part of her time at her job at the insect museum putting spider eggs into individual cups; and coincidentally I was bitten by a spider and spent 3 days in the hospital. I tracked down spider stamps especially for this card.

First the envelope. You should read the word “terrific” with heavy sarcasm and an eye roll.

This is the front of the card.

Flip it open and pull out the star/tree/web.

Pull up on the string at the top to reveal the greeting, and a surprise spider hanging inside.

card process03

These were my prototypes. The star itself came together quickly but I went through several choices for the center pull tab.

The pieces.

pull up spider tree03

Some photos of my dining room table as I was working on the cards.

parts cut

card process08

card process09

Link to spider tree pull up card in action.


What a cool card! And boy am I sorry to hear the story behind it. Ouch!

Wow these are amazing, and they must have taken you forever I’m sorry to hear that you had a run in with one of our Spidey friends. Hope you’re all better now.

No lasting effects!

so fun!!!

The layers on layers of meaning and craft that went into the card are great! So well thought out, great job!