And just a feeew more ornaments

The ornaments I made for the Ornament swap:

A puffer fish


A pom pom owl!

And one more personalized dog pin ornament:

Thanks for looking!


These are all extraordinarily gorgeous!

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Such a nice variety that really shows off the vintage vibe!

I really like the pet one…

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Is that first one a turkey fish?
Love the owl!


They’re all great, but I LOVE the pom pom owl! How did you get it so perfect?

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They are awesome!

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Its supposed to be a puffer/porcupine fish but it’s not as fat as I would like it to be. It looked fatter before I put all the beads on it. Lol

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Looooots of trimming. I actually made another one because my partner said he missed it and I also just bought a felting needle so here’s that one:


Here is the tutorial: in the description it has the pdf for exactly how to wrap it etc. For the original beak I just cut out a piece of pink felt in a beak shape. I glued that andsome black plastic beads on. As you can see with the first one I did, you don’t necessarily need a felting tool. I just trimmed as carefully as I could.

I have a sister-in-law and nephew who really like owls, so I will definitely be checking out that tutorial. Thanks!

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You just keep cranking out the great ornaments!

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I’ve made a few Pom Pom animals, and they aren’t easy. Your owls are fantastic!

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Very creative!

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The fish and owl! I’m in love!

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Wow! You could have made a separate post for each of these, they are so fantastic! I can’t even pick a favorite. The pufferfish is so col with the beads. I don’t think I have ever seen one look so regal.
The star and moon are vintage perfection. It’s so sweet.
The Owl is incredible! It’s so cute! Thank you for sharing the link. I’m glad you made one for yourself too.
The dog ornament is absolutely stunning! It’s so fancy and beautiful! It reminds me of a hot air balloon from the back.

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