Angled sliceform tree pop up card

My own design.

An interesting sliceform because the slices are inserted at an angle.

Free cutting files.

Sliceform_tree_angled 01

The pieces cut out.

Sliceform_tree_angled 02


Sliceform_tree_angled 15

Attaching to card base.

Sliceform_tree_angled 23

Before the cover is on to hide the feet.

Sliceform_tree_angled 19

Front added.

Sliceform_tree_angled 26

Video of construction process.


I love seeing your sliceform projects. Another winner!

So cool! I love this type of pop-up cards.

Wow, this is amazing!

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Completely gorgeous and also utterly fascinating, wow!

Whoa! Super cool!

How lovely! What an amazing little tree.

That looks cool :slight_smile:
I’ll have to watch the video when I’m not so tired, so I can wrap my head around it.