Animal, Dragon, and Dinosaur Play Capes

I purchased a pile of animal/dragon masks for my GD and decided to add some play capes to go along with them. Whether she will use them as intended is only in the mind of a 3 almost 4-year-old! The pink one is shaped a bit, the purple is part of a circle, and the green one has spikes down t back. It looks like fun to me!


OH, these look like a great starting point to so much creative play! And stylish trips to the grocery store.


Capes are magic! Your GD is going to love using her imagination to be a lot of things with this nice variety!

Now all she needs are some magic tutus!

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If she doesn’t wear the dinosaur one, send it my way. I would! Hahahah! They are so fun!

Oh, that dragon/dino is spectacular! When my son was little, every blanket or shawl in the house became a cape at one point or another. Your GD is going to be over the moon!

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These are all cute, but that dragon one is spectacular! I love the open-ended fun this imaginative gift can provide!

Fabulous! Love that dragon one especially!

I can’t say how much I love this project. My Kidlet would be alllllll over this collection. :woman_superhero:t2:
Great choices!

Super cute! :woman_superhero:

oh my. I have some green fleece that would love to be a dinocape…
I don’t have kids/grandkids, so I would get to wear it myself.

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All kids big and small need a dino cape!

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I love capes! I used to have one that had slits for the arms to go through. I also wore long capes over evening gowns when I was younger…so dramatic and fun!

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I wore mom’s Navy Nurse’s cape for years, and made myself a long wool cape, too. Gave them both to my niece about 20 years ago, I hope she still wears them.

I was just thinking of the Navy nurses’ capes…and also, Midwife Capes…

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If I were a kid still I’d wear those out to lunch or wherever I was going. Imagine riding a bike with the dragon cape flying behind you!

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