Anomalocaris Cat toy, and a Photo Stand

Next attempt, trying out a bulky yarn I have. Looks ok, still leary about the furriness, though.

Though, logically, there shouldn’t be too much of an issue, and should only add a small amount to their hairball formations. Pppp!

Here’s how I made the arms.

The clamp allowed me to braid the yarn much easier…plus it’s long enough that I can make two or three more later. (I’m going to use the anomalocaris for the test pieces as I figure out what I’m going to use for the fins).

And here is the knots I made where I’d cut the piece to make the arms for this one.

And here’s the new stand I made that’s much easier for placing small amigurumis on while taking pictures.

And the bottom, I was able to recess the wire into the wood.


Oooo, some cats’re going to have a lotta fun with this!

Most of the cats I know would really love this toy.
You put a lot of thought into your projects, and into your tools that help with your projects (making them projects themselves, sometimes).

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Finally tried it with ribbon, and I think it might work. plus, I believe I found a way to keep the fins from being easily pulled out, and at the same time made it so it can be repaired if they do or get tore up.

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Hoo boy! Got a squid done, and had hoped I’d be done with it, with a video…but alas I messed it all up…so have to try again later.

However, the ribbon does work quite well. I’ll have to see how the goldfish works, but that’ll have to wait…spine tells me I’m done for the day, :rofl:.

This is a man who loves his cats! I’m sure the will have a ball with these guys.