Another family ATC- for my DIL

This one is for my DIL’s birthday.

About 2 months before she got engaged to my son, the two of them joined my youngest and me on a road trip to Utah for my niece’s wedding. (My husband had been working at a trade show in Vegas and was going to meet us in Utah) About 2 hours down the road, the van broke down. Thankfully we had stopped for gas when this happened. I also had a friend living in that town who was able to refer a mobile mechanic. We were able to limp the van to a nearby motel for the night because they needed to order a part for the repair. We didn’t make it to the wedding but had a great weekend of bonding- hanging out in the motel, eating junk, and the next day we went to a circus that happened to be visiting the town we were in. I got to know her (and love her!) so much better that weekend. So cool that a trial turned into a cherished memory!

I thought the look on the clown’s face was a good indication of how we all felt initially! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But it actually was a fun weekend after all.


Oh, I love it! Both the card and the story behind it.


This is the perfect ATC for that story! And what a great family story it is!


Thanks, guys!

Great story, great memento!

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Sounds like a happy weekend even if you did miss the wedding. Love the expression on the clown

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Thanks, my friends!

The clown reminds me of Lucille Ball!

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Both the ATC and the story behind it are wonderful!

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Thanks, everyone!