Another Make A Wish Birthday Matchbox - Plus More as I Make Them

One of my oldest friends has a birthday coming up on Nov 13, but he also doesn’t have a lot of room at his condo to store things. Still I wanted to let him know I was thinking of him on his birthday.

He’s a photographer so this paper felt just right. I didn’t have black eyelet so I used nail polish to make a tan one a black one.

Inside are a wee candle, a tag, instructions, and a book of safety matches.

The backsides of all the pieces. The 52 is the year my friend is celebrating.

The matchbox, numbers, and circle tag were cut with my Sizzix BIg Shot. All supplies except the candle are from stash.

UPDATE: I realized I had another November birthday coming up, so I made another for that one! It gave me a reason to dig into an autumn themed paper pack that I especially like.

I put more pics in the thread, because I just love these papers so much!

UPDATE II: I made one of these for an April birthday coming up after seeing some snakey things on her pinterest and remembering I had this paper.



UPDATE: A long-time friend will turn 52 on the 25th of October. She’s a summer girl and has pool at her new house, so this seemed like the right paper from my collection, even though I’ve already used it for a Make A Wish Birthday Matchbox.



Here is what the little scrolls say:


UPDATE: Another October birthday



And a November birthday, a man in the fam.



Either I’m on a roll or I have an obsession. Either way, I made another one of these this week; this one for my mom’s BF.


Perhaps my last one! For my MIL, who is a big Cowboys fan and for whom I bought a pack of Cowboys themed papers to make another thing, but have a lot left. The scale of most of the prints wasn’t great for this so it’s kind of dull, but I know she’ll get a kick out of it.



I just get such joy out of seeing your compelling combinations & assemblages! It’s another home run with this one.


What a wonderful little box! It will be much more memorable than a simple card. Really cool!

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How nice, and less calories than a cake! Ha!


Lovely! The roll of paper looked like a roll of film at first.

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Aw, thanks, pals!

Welp, he’s getting a simple card, too!

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Your cards are not usually simple, though!

HA! This one was purchased at the grocery store!

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This is so cool! A party In your pocket!

…wait… that sounds a bit scandalous….


That is so flipping cool! Is that a party in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?


Bahahahaaaa! You two!

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So cute and clever. Wonderfully executed.

Thank you!

I remembered another November birthday and made another Make A Wish Matchbox! I think I will make some more for some of the upcoming birthdays and I will just continue posting them here instead of making repetitive topics.


These are just so darn cute!

Thank you!

Another one!



Oh I have a Big Shot! What is the diecut for your matchbox? I don’t have one of those yet.

I use this one which is a Bigz for the match box parts and comes with Thinlit numbers and circle dies for cutting and framing a hole for shaker domes. I used different numbers for the snake one.

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Oh cool. I purchased one on ebay without the thinlits. Now I won’t have to hunt for little matchboxes. I’ll just have to hoard my medium-sized ones from long matches. :grin:

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