Another Make A Wish Birthday Matchbox - Plus More as I Make Them

I remembered another November birthday and made another Make A Wish Matchbox! I think I will make some more for some of the upcoming birthdays and I will just continue posting them here instead of making repetitive topics.


These are just so darn cute!

Thank you!

Another one!



Oh I have a Big Shot! What is the diecut for your matchbox? I don’t have one of those yet.

I use this one which is a Bigz for the match box parts and comes with Thinlit numbers and circle dies for cutting and framing a hole for shaker domes. I used different numbers for the snake one.

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Oh cool. I purchased one on ebay without the thinlits. Now I won’t have to hunt for little matchboxes. I’ll just have to hoard my medium-sized ones from long matches. :grin:

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These are the sweetest.

Thank you!

A new one! More pics in the OP.



Can you tell that I just really like making these? It’s so fun to find several coordinating papers in my stash to make the box and its contents and to try to match them to the recipient. And to customize them to their birthdate, age, etc. Two family, autumn birthdays.





More pics of both in the OP, as usual.


These are so cute! Your work is always beautiful :sparkles:

Awww, thank you so much!

I just can’t stop myself! I think this one completes any of the adult birthdays through the end of the year.




These are so neat!! Where do you get your matchboxes? And also, is there a tutorial somewhere for making these?

I think my favourite is the bicycle one. So cool!

Aww, thank you! I make the match box and just figured it out from something I saw on pinterest. This response has a link to the die I use to cut them with my Sizzix.

This post gives a few more details about what I used to make them.

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Thank you so much!!

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Perhaps my last one! For my MIL, who is a big Cowboys fan and for whom I bought a pack of Cowboys themed papers to make another thing, but have a lot left. The scale of most of the prints wasn’t great for this so it’s kind of dull, but I know she’ll get a kick out of it.



I used a silver Sharpie to color a bright green star eyelet.


Why perhaps last?

My intention was to make one for all the adult people that I exchange birthday gifts with and that is done. Something I didn’t expect was that this time I was not into it while making it. I don’t know if that’s about the project or about the theme/papers which I think was designed more for scrapbooking and maybe tried really hard to stay “masculine” which ended up being kind of boring. Perhaps I should have chosen to not go Cowboys, but I want to use that paper and she loves all the Cowboy stuff.