Another mini studio

This was a bit simpler than the previous one, and so it was a lot faster. This kit was cool because they had the part numbers laser marked on each piece, which made things so much faster.

A tip for anyone considering doing one of these kits, anything that has a lot of wire-chair legs, etc- is a pain, the wire is fiddly and doesn’t want to stick, you need to use gel superglue and try not to stick it to your fingers too much. Also kits with lots of flowers/plants require a ton of intricate cutting.

This was a nice straightforward one. And cute-I’d spend time here.


Very cute! What are you doing with all of your tiny treasures?

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Shut up! LOVE this one! Actually, I love all of them. LOL!

This is adorable! I’d spend time there too. :grinning:

Right now they’re just crammed into a shelf. But eventually I hope to get a proper display. And a comment from a previous thread has made me think about populating them with tiny people.


Oooh this is so great!

I still haven’t started my greenhouse one yet :see_no_evil:

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I’ll be interested to see the greenhouse one when it’s done. Lots of cutting out leaves I’m guessing.

Personally I can’t stop, I’ve started another and have three more in the queue and of course I’m looking to see what new ones have been brought out.

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The greenhouse one is the one I out on my Xmas list!

I love this cozy little room! It reminds me of those little rooms they have displayed in Ikea. :joy: Did you add the Switch on your own or did it come with that?

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I wish I was small enough to live here! Love!

Omg I had to go back and look for the Switch @Whistlefish! I missed it on first pass. Now I really could live here! :laughing:

Oooo! Nice! This one looks like what everyone wishes their WFH situation actually was.

Nintendo switch?? It was with it. Tbh I haven’t the creativity of brain space at the moment to do much more than follow instructions, so everything you see is what’s there. Having said that I was missing a lampshade, I think it might have accidentally gotten thrown away, so I had to improvise with some paper

I keep going back to the little guitar. I don’t know why that makes it for me, but it does. That and the little bag/the way it’s set up against the chair.

hmm, I think that’s my office. It has my computer, my guitar and my Nintendo switch, that my daughter left on the couch :smiley:
I love the big window, but would probably install some shades if it really was my office, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see anything on the screen. It looks so much like a real room, I love it!

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So adorable, :heart_eyes: love your kits!

If you out these all together, they will feel like a little city!