Another Purple Panda and her Buddy Popper Puppy

Purple Pandas are multiplying and this time brought a friend along. If you balance them on their legs and tail they even stand on their own.

These were made from a Fluffermonger polar bear pattern with a few modifications. I highly recommend their patterns, have you seen the monsters and the new bunny pattern? Cute.

The fleece and fur were donation finds stuffed in the basement and uncovered in a cleaning spree. They were just begging to become cute stuffies! @Whistlefish’s children (or her DH) are the lucky winners.

The hearts were from a pink and red master fabric board I made a few years ago with hair bands sewn in to loop around their hands. All in all, they came out adorable.


So cute!!

Adorable stuffies!

What a couple of cuddle buds!

Cuteness overload!

Those are so adorable!

Adorable and very cuddly looking.

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So sweet.