Another Ring in the Tree Birthday Card

Last week I saw a circular card, an invitation, on Pinterest. I also revisited some card ideas I had saved there and found one about adding a ring to the tree. I realized I had dies to combine these ideas!

I used stamps for the “SLIDE” and “It’s your day to celebrate!” and my printer for the curved “… another ring in the tree!”

I had already stamped the “HAND MADE” on the back for the circle when I realized I should’ve saved that for covering the back of the brad. So I added the “FOR YOU.”

Since this is for an older person who is not into paper crafting, I felt like I should include some kind of instruction. :wink: I wanted it to look nice, but not overtake the design, so I used vellum as the base. My “instructions” set of stamps doesn’t include a “rotate” so I used “slide” and a curved arrow. But I also cut a slit, so it can be easily removed from the card. This will go by mail, so it may stay attached.

The tree slice part is made on black mat board, so quite stiff. The Base is two layers of cardstock + the white circle on the inside.


The back circle is about 3" in diameter, so this fits in a standard envelope. Whew!

I am smitten with this card, but am not sure who else I would send it to. :thinking:


I’ve used these instructions stamps a few times lately, so I decided to take a picture of the set to share.


So much fun! I love cards that “do something” (pop up, open in non-traditional ways, etc.) Using that mat board, it must feel like a real slice of wood, too. Awesome! Pretty handy set of stamps, as well.

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This is so smart and also sweet. Nice idea, I like it!

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I really like this!!! Unique and awesome!

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What a fun and creative card! I think the ‘slide’ direction will come in quite helpful (that way they aren’t wondering why you sent some fancy homemade coaster :laughing: ). I like the tiny screws you used to attach the sentiment to the front. Little details like that create a much more finished look and you are so good about including them in your various papercrafting projects.

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I like the design. The shape is so unique. I am positive they will get a kick out of it.

Thanks, everyone!

They’re wee tiny brads! By Tim Holtz.

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Very cool!

Thank you!

What an incredibly clever card! I love it! So very unique!

You have some lucky card recipients in your circle!

Awwww, thanks!

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Such a cool card!!
Your instruction stamps remind of some made by Lawn Fawn called Push Here. Now that I’ve looked at their site to find that set, I see they have some super cute valentine stamps! Oh, you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Very sweet and a lovely and thoughtful execution! :hibiscus:

Thanks, friends!