Another Silhouette

First painting in a looooong time, and yep, still playing with silhouettes.

It’s not great, but meh, at least I got one done finally, :grinning:.


Wow! So teeny!!!

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Holy moly, I just looked at my fingertip for perspective, it is teeny! But the design is still very distinguishable. It gives me Halloween vibes.

Oh, but it is great!
You got so much detail in such a tiny space.

WOWZERS! Amazing detail for something so tiny! In addition to the sunrise/set vibes, it also gives me Western fire/smoke season vibes w/ that split rail fence.

Holy smokes! That is super tiny! I’m super impressed! Wow!

The sky looks better, but still a few hiccups on the weeds.

Anyhoo! I’ll be doing this off and on today as I need to clean my kitchen for Thanksgiving cooking.


Ok, I did four all at once…Pshew! Not great…:no_mouth:, but I am getting a better handle on the quirks of the tiny brush I have, and water to paint ratios, too.


Can’t even imagine trying to paint that small. Your paintbrush must be like a single hair!

Love it AND how teeny tiny it is!

These are pretty amazing. Lots of details in those tiny works of art. The wispiness of the clouds in the skies especially.

I love these so much!