Another Vintage Thermos Lamp

When my SIL and her family came out to visit for Thanksgiving 2019 she specifically mentioned really like the thermos lamps I had made for the beside tables in the guest room. So I decided to make her one of her own.

I have used this tutorial for the four I have made in the last few years, varied a bit for my specific thermoses, etc.

I added some pom fringe to a store bought lampshade.

I imagine she will put it at their family ski cabin which is an older log home so might fit right in.


Oh my gosh, this is the COOLEST! You are an awesome sister-in-law.


This is adorable. The little pom pom fringe makes it so great!

That is so genius and kitschy! Love it!

Way cool! Such a clever idea.

This is a really fun idea. I love how it turned out.

Love it! It will look great in a cabin. Or anywhere, really.

THANKS so much everyone! I am a little addicted to making these and when I find a vintage thermos that I like the looks of at the right price, I snag it!

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Reminds me of getting in trouble as a kid for breaking my thermos.
Did you break out the glass lining? Did your mom yell at?

Very cool!

Love the fringe darling!

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Now how clever is this! You rock, girl!!

Thanks, friends!

I did have to break the glass and I totally got away with it!
Some of the vintage thermoses are pretty easy to get open to remove the glass liner whole! Even this one had an engraved label on the bottom giving the part number of the liner - theoretically so one could replace a broken one, but I could not for the life of me get it open to do so and had to break it.

Gaaaaaah!! I adore this. What a beautiful piece.

What a terrific project!

Thanks, pals!

That would be so perfect for a cabin. I am imagining a cute retro cartoon thermos for a kids room too. Very creative and very cool!

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