Anthropomorphic bird soldier embroidery

This embroidery is based off my son’s drawing of an anthropomorphic bird soldier.


Wow, what a great likeness! I love that the background fabric is so evocative. And your stitching is fantastic!

Your son is quite the artist. This is an amazing piece. Perfect subject, stitiching and fabric. Good job. Are you going to frame it, or use on a pillow… or something else (creative, I’m sure)?

That’s such a fun project to do! Looks great!

I love this and I am SO inspired to transform some of the kids early drawings into stitchies. This is such a great idea!

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Amazing! Just amazing!

@DebE I am stitching a drawing from each of my children and then I will put them together in a crazy quilt style to make a bag.

I love anthropomorphic creatures. And the colors speak to me! Tell him I love it, and we need the story to go along with it!


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based off a drawing??? DANG! Talented kids you got there!


Talented mom transforms talented son’s drawing…wonderful…you must be so proud of your children and they of you! Turned out fantastic…you need to post the pic of the drawing because it is spot on!!!

You are so kind! I’m grateful that we all have creative outlets right now. Here is the original.

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fantastic! totally awesome.

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These are the best!

You are the most awesome mom ever! This is so very much his creation but you added your own talents and spin to make it a joint project. You both should be very proud

That is just the coolest thing! So much personality and energy!

Aww so cool!!!