Anyone ever seen a knitting pattern that was written in relation to the markers and not rows?

I have a template pattern written up for finalizing the trilobite pattern, and it struck me that it’d be easier to write it up based on the markers.

  1. Co 20 sts, separate onto DP needles.
  2. K1 place marker A, K10, place marker B K10

From here on we’ll work towards the markers with K-2A where the minus sign means knit across til 2 stitches from Marker A. and K-2B will mean knit til two from marker B.

  1. m1 A K1 m1 K-1B m1 K1 B M1 K across.

I’m sure this seems a little weird, it’s just easier for me to read, HAH, so I have to ask.

Or, how about a part that reads psfn pass stitch to first needle, or psnn pass stitch to next needle?

Something like

Co 20 sts

  1. K19 psnn
  2. K20
  3. K19 psnn


I think I may have solved this problem. maybe I’m just a little rusty from not having knitted in a while. O_o.

The directions are all Greek to me, but the trilobite looks interesting.

I’ve worked with knitting patterns (mostly socks?) with directions that says to knit till x number of stitches before a stitch marker and so forth. So yeah, it’s doable :slight_smile:


On the next iteration, I’ll try something different with the pattern and setup. O_o, but the basic design for the body is good (and I made sure I don’t lose the pattern this time, heh).