Anyone Taken Apart an LED Candle?

Help! Has anyone taken apart an LED tealight candle to use the bulb, battery, timer (circuit board, I presume)? I want to do a miniature/diorama with some flickering light that is not 12V which is what I see from dollhouse supply. And I don’t want a big battery pack. So I am hoping that I can take all the “candle” away from the lights and the guts and hide it inside my project (with access to the battery and switch).

ADDENDUM: This type of LED candle is what I’m talking about. (EasT-rex for scale)


I haven’t - but if anyone knows how to, I would be interested too!!!

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This looks like a simple one…

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Neat idea. I’m watching for tips!

Oh, this may do the trick! What magic search terms did you use to find this, @AIMR? I didn’t see anything close! I hope the candle I plan to dismantle come apart that easily. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I wanted to take apart a toaster and found Instructables to be helpful…plus, there were so many odd things that I never knew about…I tend to remember everything somewhere in my brain so I went there first…ha ha…who knew it would ever need to be recalled?

I have a fear of being shocked so I gravitate toward anything electrical…good luck and let us know how it goes!

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Sorry, I can’t focus on LEDs right now because:


Is anyone else seeing this amazing creature???


I have taken them apart! I think I used one once in a tiny altered tin for a swap on the old site.

I don’t remember anything specific, but I feel like it wasn’t complicated…

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Oh my, that EasT-rex is adorable!

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Make sure that any connections and wires are protected.
Reinforce around the switch as they work better with something to push against.
Extra stabilizer is needed around and under the bulb so it doesn’t point wonky directions.
Buy extras for parts just in case.

Those are my notes from when I used a color changing tealight in an anglerfish felt patch.
Found a pic of the finished product.



If you aren’t successful, have a look at Evan Lighting. They might carry something you can use.

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wow—that is an awesome use of lighting…

lol @Nou…I guess because we are just so used to seeing these types of things in each others’ spaces…I had seen the T-rex many times before and for me, it was just part of @TheMistressT’s regular posts…ha ha ha

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THANKS for all the tips and sources! I’ll be checking in on these a little closer soon!

AIMR is not wrong, Nou!

@AIMR Instructables is great! I guess I’ve always ended up there, because they show up in a search and it didn’t even occur to me to go there directly D’oh!

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@AuFish Thanks for the tips! These sound like great practical advise.


I have so many electronic bits bookmarked and I so want to learn how to make them work but I don’t even know where to start. I like light up crafts! They are so fun.
Good luck, hope you figure it out and I am excited to see whatever it’s going to be :blush:

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