April ATCs made for people in Real Life

I usually make ATCs for fun or for swaps. Well last month I decided to make some for people I know in real life! I wanted to brighten some days and sent an ATC to everyone that shared their address with me. Some received previously made ATCs that I thought they would like and four people got ATCs made just for them. Here they are!

“Happy Penguin” for a long-ago coworker and long distance friend. Made with penguin stamp, masterboards, sheet music, tea-tag, and stickers:

“Beautiful Music” for a theater friend. Made with masterboard background (one of my first ones), paper embellishments, and ephemera:

“Halloween Midnight” for someone I know through theater but don’t know very well so I hounded her with questions until I was inspired. Made with masterboards, misc paper bits, and words from an old book:

“Much Ado about Hero” for someone in theater who’s in a play that has been postponed. Made from masterboards, scrapbook paper, and a piece of a script:

Thanks for looking!


What a fun idea to spread the crafty love outside of the usual circles! :heart:

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Such a fun idea to send to other people!

These are great!

Love this!!! How fun to get a spot of colorful joy in the mailbox!