Arcade Wreath

I haven’t made a wreath in ages, but wanted to make something special for my friends who own/run an arcade/ice cream stand at our local beach. I somehow found myself in Michaels right after Thanksgiving and found some amazing ornaments on sale that were perfect for an arcade/ice cream stand theme — and a wreath was born!

The ice cream, cotton candy and video game are the ornaments I got from Michaels. I added in some lights because the arcade is pretty lit up!

The whoopie cushion was a bonus find at Five Below. (Full size ones are pretty classic arcade prizes.) I also tucked in a few vintage tickets to personalize it more.

Thanks for looking!


That’s so fun and thoughtful!

This is so cute and fun! I bet they loved it.

What a fun idea! I love the colors and the whoopie cushion.

What an adorable idea. This turned out so cool!

Perfect for them! Love how it turned out.

All the pieces look really cool all mixed together on the wreath.

Thanks everyone! It was really fun to put together. They liked it a lot, so mission accomplished. :grin:

Cool! Personal gifts like that are the best!

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I had to go back and check after scrolling too fast. What a great, super personalized gift!!!

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