Arcadia Cross Stitch

It is finally finished! I love this Mary Blair inspired pattern from Satsuma Street.


Your meticulous stitching is truly impressive. What will you do with this glorious work of many hours?

Congrats! This whole time I thought you were stitching the outside of the It’s A Small World ride. And even though it isn’t, I like it anyway. :grin:

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Turned out as lovely as I knew it would! I love those colors against that happy blue!

It will be a lovely addition to your collection.

It is based on it. It is definitely Mary Blair style. She created It’s a Small World for Disney for the world’s fair.

Thanks all! I might frame it. I’m not sure.


Oooh, I did not know that, and now I need to find out more about her!

She is amazing!!! I love her artwork and use of color.

Oh I love this one!

I love this!! It turned out beautifully. I’m kinda digging the shades of brown and the bright blue Aida cloth! :yellow_heart:

I love the earthy colors contrasted against the blue. Groovy :slight_smile:

This is spectacular! Love the design and the colors and… well, everything! I was thinking about “It’s a Small World” also when I saw your in-progress shots. Excited to learn more about this designer.

Really beautiful. And I love the pale blue adia.


I would not have thought to use the blue background but it is so perfect! Lovely work!

Well worry the wait! Is amazing!

It’s beautiful!
And the colors are stunning.

You are my hero!!

Thanks again! It’s funny cause I would never choose these colors. They are just too beige for me, but on the blue canvas they really stand out.

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Yes, they do!

I really like this- it reminds me of Small World. Great job!