Arched Gusset Fingerless Gloves

I love knitting fingerless gloves. I am always on the look out for new ways to make the thumb and get them to fit a little better than just a knitted tube.

I found this free pattern for a mitten with an arched gusset and adapted it to a standard size fingerless glove pattern. I used solid colored yarn to show off the gusset, but it would be just as nice in a variegated or striping yarn as well.

I really like the tighter fit and yet it allows a lot of flexibility for the thumb.

Here is the pattern for the Arched Gusset Mittens. Give it a try!


They look great! I love that there’s always something new to learn/try when crafting.

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Beautiful! Looks like they would fit nice and snug at the thumb. Mine are always loose and I’m always tugging at it.

I used to make fingerless gloves and I love them for chilly days or working at the computer on very cold mornings.
And I need new ones, this looks like a very cool design. Thanks.


These really do look comfy! Nice freedom of movement, it looks like.

You can just stop when it gets to finishing off the tops of the mitten and the thumb. I am going to experiment and see if I can do a colorblock one…the thumb one color, the front another color, and the back…maybe the cuff

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Those look great!

I’m going to try these. I attempted mittens last winter, and they left a lot to be desired. The thumb was my big issue.

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I tend to ignore the instructions on how many stitches to pick up for the thumb…I would rather pick up a few extra just so there are no gaps. I frogged that thumb a few times after about six rows because I didn’t like the gaps…not a big deal since there are only about 20 stitches. I also went down in needle size since most gloves/mittens are too big.

I also did a crochet cast on to get a neat cuff edge, but, I forgot to use smaller needles to make the ribbing…they are a bit big at the wrist. I am a fan of the twisted rib as well…next pair! lol

There is always more to knit than I have time ! lol


Thanks for the tips.

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they remind me a bit of a pattern I saw once called the “fried chicken mitts” or something similar…I’ll have to look for a link

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