Architectural Templates for Children? I won't tell them I'm an adult


Sweet! Thanks for the link.

How cool!!

Thank you for sharing!

Well, that’s super-cool! I have been surprised lately at all the cool things that businesses are doing to support kids and families during lockdown.

Around here, sandwich-chain owner of Jimmy John’s bought up ALL the unsold Girl Scout cookies (that families had ordered pre-crisis) and donated them to food banks. The families would have been stuck with the hassle and expense of returning all the unsold boxes, since kids are obviously unable to have sales booths at storefronts like they usually do.

And some media outlets are creating yearbooks for high school students, with pictures the kids and parents send in from home.

What a fun thing to do, offering paper towns for kids to build!

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Oh wow, that is cool. Buying up the cookies and donating. It’s wonderful seeing all the ways people step up in communities.

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