Arepas from scratch

Alrighty, since cornmeal is quite a bit cheaper than PAN flour, so I made an attempt to make arepas from scratch.

Not very well made, heh. However, I was on the right path, PRE COOKED CORNMEAL RECIPES All You Need is Food as precooked cormeal is exactly what I thought it was. The taste is still just as good as PAN arepas, different, but good.

  1. The dough doesn’t hold together as well as PAN does.
  2. It doesn’t seem to cook thoroughly, either. The inside is fairly…erm…soft? Grainy, too.
  3. Perhaps the expense of the electric/gas for cooking the cornmeal would make any savings neglegible.
  4. The texture of the outside crust is far chewier.

I still have plenty more cornmeal, so I can try again, heh.

Update: I was completely wrong. It’s precooked corn that has been either dried (or not) then ground into a flour (or mash). Readers ask: How To Pre Cook Cornmeal? - RossGastronómica

There’s no way I’d go through that much trouble to make it, :rofl:.


Amazing. I looove arepas, but would probably never attempt to make them from scratch. Go you!

I always learn about new foods from you!

looks so delicious …

My arepas recipe is a traditional comfort food from Colombia and Venezuela of simple cornbread cakes that can be served as a snack or as part of any meal. They are very versatile. Learn how to make them.
2 cups masarepa
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups warm water
Oil or butter for cooking as needed

Combine the masarepa, salt and water together in a mixing bowl. Mix well and let rest for 5 minutes.
Mix the dough again until smooth.
Hand form the arepas dough into 8-10 small patties, about 4-5 inches across and ½ inch thick.
Heat a grill pan or cast iron pan to medium heat and lightly oil or butter. Cook the arepas until golden brown on each side, about 10 minutes total. It could take longer. The outer shell will harden and form a crisp crust, with a softer or hollow interior.
Cool slightly and serve as desired.

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