Army of octopi

A local sick kids group needed something small for a loot bag at an event. I was asked to make something. Only guidelines were small enough to be held in a hand and 20 of them. So I hit up pintrest and found these guys to whip up.



I see a bean bag toss about to happen :laughing:
They are really cute!


Adorable! And you are a sweetheart :heart:

so sweet and kind…and those tentacles are so much fun to pull on because they spring right back …not that I would know…

20…wow…how long did it take to make that army?

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About 10-14 days I think. I really wasn’t paying attention. Just kept making them!

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These are adorable!

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Oh, how sweet are these? You are wonderful to make such a cute and thoughtful gift.

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They’re wonderful!! What a generous gift :heart:

Ack! So cuuuute!!! :heart: :heart: :hearts:

Oh my gosh, so much work. You did a great job.

How cheerful and fun! Exactly what a kid would need!

Great work!! :orange_heart:

So adorable and for such a worthy cause … good on you!

Those are so cute! All those different colours…love it!

What a colorful army! I’m sure they will bring some smiles and happiness :octopus:

My goal was to use up scarp yarn and not make any 2 the same!


Great job! An army of adorable.

Just perfect. Every child would love one

Love them! They are so great.

VERY Kewl!!! So wonderful that you did this and we get to see them all together before they go off to their new homes!! Very special loot!!

you are the sweetest and what a great gesture!