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What better way to start off a new year with a member feature? I chatted with resident artist @spaceradish about her artistic style, inspirations, and more!

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Your art style is so distinctive and unique. How did you develop your style? Or does it just come naturally?

I’ve been drawing since I was very young. My first obsession was drawing dresses and then it became drawing Disney and comic book characters. In middle school I discovered Sailor Moon and it snowballed from there lol. I really got into manga and I loved copying poses and such. The biggest influence on me manga wise is FLCL. The style is very geometric with thick lines. I also have found inspiration from 70s-80s children’s book illustrations and Peter Max. I also used to draw Barbie or Betty and Veronica characters and sent them in the comic books hoping I’d get published. I never was. Lol.

I just love the variation of source material for your work. What would you say is your greatest source of inspiration?

I think nostalgia plays a big part in some of what I make. Things that remind me of my childhood or my grandmother are big inspirations for me. My grandma really fed my creativity by encouraging me to use different materials to make things. She taught me how to use a TV as a light box, and I still do it sometimes (but with my laptop usually). I think if I didn’t lose her so early in life, she would play a bigger part in my creative life for sure. I always think about her when I make things. I think she would love what I’m doing now.

The colors in your work are so vibrant! If it doesn’t give away all your secrets, can you tell us a little bit about what techniques and materials you use?

I mostly work in watercolors and crayons. The first kind of watercolors I started using were cheap from Michaels. Now I use mostly Japanese watercolors (Gansai Tambi). I mix a majority of my colors, unless there’s a pan that’s just perfect. I tend to saturate my colors a lot, this serves as the base for the crayons. I only use Crayola crayons. After everything is dry, I slap some crayon over the watercolor. Depending on the watercolor paper used, it gives a lot of texture that I really love. I mostly work in circles when I apply the crayon, it sometimes gives a bit of movement. I’m taking a watercolor class at the college right now and we have to use watercolor tubes and no white or black. I’m excited about learning new techniques.

OK, I read this on your profile while prepping for this interview: Art I made is hanging in my favorite rapper’s house… and I just have to know more. What’s the story here?

I became a big fan of a particular artist/poet/rapper/musician after seeing them perform at a music festival in 2005. He really inspired me with everything he did. He was instantly my hero. I ended up seeing his band perform a lot and developed a sorta friendship. Now, I’m the kind of person to make things for people I admire and would often bring handmade gifts. One time I recreated some artwork inspired by art he made of his cat. He told me he’d hang it up by where his cat slept. Over the years I’ve seen evidence of it being on his walls via social media, and I can’t tell you how awesome it feels seeing it still up after all these years.

What is the most challenging project you have worked on, art or otherwise?

Honestly, the most challenging thing I have happened to me creatively, is losing the ability to create due to depression. I went three years without making anything. I had to slowly get myself to start creating again. It was grueling to get anything out of me. I didn’t push too hard, but I didn’t give up either. I’m pretty sure 2020 was when I started picking up the pencil again and make stuff. I spent a lot of my covid money on art supplies and art subscription boxes and I was able to find inspiration. It caught flame. I made so much after the before times and now I’m going to school for art like I’ve always dreamed of. Don’t give up.

What is your favorite project that you have posted in the Art Category?

I think it would be the Mutter Twins. I worked with a different medium that I usually do (tea staining) and I’ve been obsessed with those twins since I found out they existed. It’s a little cute and a little spooky. It’s something I definitely made for myself. I tend to want to keep the gothy ones.

What is your favorite project that someone else has posted in the Art Category?

There are soo many choices! I’m honestly not on here enough to pick a favorite, but I really love looking at all the ATCs. I really am inspired to start making them again. I got into them during the Craftster days. I really hope to be more active in this group so I can see everything I end up missing.

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Thank you so much @spaceradish for sharing with us! Looking forward to seeing more from you as an artist who I know inspires us all!


Amazing Article! I adore your work @spaceradish and I am so glad that you are creating again! You have such a unique and amazing style. Love all your work!


Nice to know a bit about you…have loved your interesting pieces…the owl and spider is my favorite…it makes me curious and also, seeing all the pattern and color…

Glad you are a posting member…makes this site enjoyable and fun to see so many styles and getting to know the members better!


It’s so nice to hear a bit about the artist behind the spaceradish name and pieces we see here in the site! It’s also fun to see a retrospective of sorts of them!


What a lovely interview! It’s great that you had your grandma to help encourage your creativity. Do you still have artwork from your childhood?


Really enjoyed learning more about you, @spaceradish. Your work is so vibrant and compelling! It makes me so happy that you are now in art school and being spurred to new creative pathways. And pretty cool that one of your favorite artists honored and validated your work in that way. Congrats!


I loved reading the interview with you, @spaceradish !
Your paintings/drawings are a feast for the eyes.
And I was happy to learn that you overcame that depression and have been making a lot of art since then. Keep on creating!


I do not have artwork from when I was a kid. I think I have a couple things from my teens. I do know I have a Billy the Blue Ranger collage in my things. Sometimes friends/old pen pals will show me things I drew for them. It’s fun for me to see them and have evidence of my growth as an artist.


I’m a big fan of your unique style for sure. Wonderful work.


I love your bold style! So glad you fought your way through to creativity. Maybe one of these days I’ll be lucky enough to receive one of your ATCs!


I LOVE @spaceradish’s work. What a great feature!!!


What a fantastic feature!


It’s official! @spaceradish is Chaircat Approved!



Displaying it now… :slight_smile:

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