Art dump, YAY!

I know what you’re thinking- “Jeeze Shade, it’s been f o r e v e r since you last posted anything” and for that I greatly apologize. I’ve done a lot in the time since I last posted so I give you yet another art dump! :smiley: Commence cheering

Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 1.42.06 PM
This is my character, Moscow! A wonderful friend on another site taught me the mysterious ways of lineless art and this was me testing it out ^-^

I recently started (and finished) watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Zuko is hands down my favorite character, so I decided to tackle lineless art once again and draw him firebending!

More digital art! The characters are Nico and Gabe- You can tell Nico was surprised by the hug XD
flipanim (2)
Recognize this guy? I decided to try redrawing Bleach!
This is my OC (Original Character) Onyx! I got a T O N of markers for Christmas so I decided to test them out by doodling her!

So these wonderful cattos were actually from a dream I had about a year ago! Hemp, Sasha, and Scramp- (Sasha was the name of the nurse who helped when I got my teeth pulled the day before XDD) Basically in the dream they would protect me from nightmares? I’ve had them in other dreams too-
Hemp is kinda the nice, wise, chill one and the leader/ older brother type
Sasha is the feisty, takes-crap-from-no-one type. Kinda like Mittens from Bolt, but nicer and less sarcastic?
Scramp is the child bb. He good pure sweet bean. Basically just the same personality as Silver the Hedgehog and Tails XD
Also, I am fully aware that these may not look like cats… my style is going through puberty and I haven’t drawn animals in F O R E V E R so yeah! I’m gonna try and draw more cats so that they start looking more like cats and less like weird dogs XDD

Redesigned my Sonic OC, Willow the Possum!

From left to right: Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic franchise), Yato (Noragami), Donnie (Rise of the TMNT), Zuko (Avatar: The Last Airbender), and Husky (+Anima)

I’m not even gonna try and explain this. Long story short, this was my art final
Human Shadow the Hedgehog ^-^

This is a rough sketch of one of my characters, The Raven King. He can speak to ravens and he’s kinda a villain XD I was very much inspired by Edgar Allen Poe when creating him!


I recognized Zuko right away. You did a great job with him (twice!).

I’m watching the Avatar series for the first time (not done yet). So far I like Toph the most. And Appa, of course.

It’s awesome that you can draw both traditionally and digitally. I wish I had that skill.


It’s been ages since I’ve seen the Avatar series; We watched it quite often when my kids were younger! I can definitely see your style in your art. I think your cats are cute! You did a great job! What is lineless drawing?


Wow, you’ve been busy!
I don’t know many of the characters, but I admire your drawing skills!
And I love how you come up with your own characters too!


Lots of great characters! And I love your slug final. :slight_smile:

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These are all really amazing!!! My friend does similar art pieces and they reminded me of hers!!! Well done!!!

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Wow, great collection! Thanks for letting us see what you’ve been doing.

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What a great lot of work - they look fantastic! The Raven King is very cool - are you going to work on more versions of him?

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These are great. I especially love the piece you created for your art final. Super cool!

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Basically when there’s no black outline- In most of my art, I outline everything because it makes it easier, but with this, there is no outline, just the color

Yes! I’ve been wanting to draw him more

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