Art Journaling Craftalong - 2021

I love the colours in this @photojenn - especially the soft greens and blues! And the bit in the centre where you’ve created a focal point with more detail and colour contrast really draws my eye.

That’s a good point about having a reference - I’d also be up for doing something like this again with a reference to work with.

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@edel I really love the addition of the gold leaf to this piece and using a white pen is genius

@Abbeeroad I love all of your white bubbles, the positioning and size fits perfectly with the piece

@calluna I’m kind of obsessed with yours. The depth you cerated with the contrast of the stark middle with the softer bubbles on the outside is really drawing me in.

@geekgirl I love the pinks and greens next to each other and am especially drawn to what’s going on in the top right corner. The softness you achieved with your blending is great. I also really like the addition of the white pen, it adds a ton of movement throughout the piece.

@jemimah I’m not sure what else to say other than :heart_eyes:. This is super impressive! The layering of colors and amount of depth you achieved is amazing. Really, well done!


aww I missed it! Looks like some beautiful pages got done!

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If you’re not doing anything on New Year’s Eve - a 22-hour marathon of Zoom classes for $22.

Kiala Givehand – Life Alchemist • Creativity • Spiritual Empowerment

Artsy Meetup Marathon

A 22 hour virtual creative marathon hosted by Kiala Givehand. Features 22+ guest artists, tutorials, and more.

It’s a maybe for me…


And there are 2 journal-making videos available when you sign up.

I didn’t really participate in the Meg Journals/My Green Cow 12 Days of Journaling challenge on YouTube, but I couldn’t resist the “Christmas playlist” prompt for my go-to holiday jams. I expanded it into a watchlist as well…

This is in my Nancy Drew Ex Libris journal.


That’s kinda tempting.

I don’t do much for New Year usually and in these pandemic times, I might as well stay home all weekend and do this.

I signed up. Now I have to upgrade my wifi at home.

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I am busy New Years even but I see you can view the recordings for up to 22 days after so i am tempted.

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Go for it…lots of teachers we know already - DeeDee, Carolyn Dube, Tiffany Goff Smith and more. Some of the other teachers I’ve heard of but never taken a class with them.
And Kiala Givehand’s videos from 10 or so years back (on YouTube - 52 weeks of books or something like that) are how I began book making in the first place.

I recruited my childhood bestie to join and she did!
Who else can I invite?


I have too many art classes to watch already… I have too many art classes to watch already… it’s only $22….

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I think I will, I just need to figure out the timings


I went ahead and bought the class. I just won’t be able to do it New Year’s Eve as I have plans to play board games with a friend. I guess it would be rude to cancel so I can “art”. :rofl:

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I’m going to sign up, but am torn between the 22 or 44 option.

Has anyone seen a schedule yet?

no. on one page it says the schedule will be listed on Dec 20 or before and another page says Dec 22 or before. But I have not been able to locate any schedule. all I know it starts at 10 am Chicago time on Dec 31. and there is a list of artist and giveaways (have to be present) bit no times.

I did the $22 option but am wondering if I should have chosen the $44 one.


A little neon or fluorescent color
Book text
Use something new to you - I know you bought a little something for yourself!
Something water- soluble

Have fun!

I learned about this term from binge watching The Great Pottery Throwdown!

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Shouldn’t these be listed in the 2022 craftalong