Art Journaling Craftalong - 2021

I went ahead and bought the class. I just won’t be able to do it New Year’s Eve as I have plans to play board games with a friend. I guess it would be rude to cancel so I can “art”. :rofl:

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I’m going to sign up, but am torn between the 22 or 44 option.

Has anyone seen a schedule yet?

no. on one page it says the schedule will be listed on Dec 20 or before and another page says Dec 22 or before. But I have not been able to locate any schedule. all I know it starts at 10 am Chicago time on Dec 31. and there is a list of artist and giveaways (have to be present) bit no times.

I did the $22 option but am wondering if I should have chosen the $44 one.


A little neon or fluorescent color
Book text
Use something new to you - I know you bought a little something for yourself!
Something water- soluble

Have fun!

I learned about this term from binge watching The Great Pottery Throwdown!

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Shouldn’t these be listed in the 2022 craftalong

Didn’t know there was one set up. Will check it out.

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I learned about that (sgraffito) when studying for my Art 004 exam earlier this year.

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I had just set it up after smmarrt posted them. I just created the 2022 one now because I wasn’t sure I’d have time at the end of the week. people can keep posting here until Jan 1.


Same! :laughing:

We did this in elementary school, but it was with colored crayons in a crazy, messy scribble. Then coated in thick black crayon, and finally scratched off to see the rainbow below.

Had no idea there was a name!


Is anyone planning to do any of it live? I won’t be able to do the whole thing live but thinking to do at least the first few hours live.

I went with the $22 option because I know there’s very little chance I’m going to come back to the videos after the first couple weeks with all of the other classes I’ve got going and 2 more year long classes starting Jan 1.

I hope to watch in the morning and later in evening - anything is better than tv. And there’s all day Saturday to catch up. And like you, lots to do in January.

There’s also MLK day to catch up.

Also been checking email for schedule and supply list…

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I still haven’t seen a schedule but did find this link for a basic supply list. It has grown since I looked at it a couple hours ago so I think it’s being actively added too. Seems pretty standard though - mixed media paper, watercolor paper, book binding kit, posca pens, glue stick, ink pads, xacto knife & cutting mat, water colors, acrylic ink, double sided tape, and spray bottle.

Looks like the schedule is up (it’s hidden under the question section)

Thank you!!

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Thanks for that.

I don’t know any of those names, so I wonder what they are going to be doing. I might check their YouTube. If anyone knows them from Instagram, tell me what they do (I’m not on Instagram)

If you scroll down this link there’s a list of the teachers and their media of choice, etc

I know some of them from YouTube

Carolyn Dube - gel printing and lots of color
Shemii Dixon - mixed media stuff
Kristin Peterson - mixed media
Tiffany Goff Smith/SouthernGalDesigns - mixed media
Kiala Givehand - book making
Liz Constable - book making & natural dyeing

I’m happy that there are some new to me artists. I think this will be fun.

Not sure if I’ll actually use it for tomorrow but I just made myself a little book (I think technically my first ever completed book?) using the videos she provided in the registration email. I used 9x12 Canson mixed media paper torn in half for the pages and one of the Canson acrylic papers I painted for October Fodder School for the cover. It was really fun and surprisingly quick to make. I sense another obsession coming lol.