Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

Okay, @photojenn! I had to go find a similar one! it’s not really a tutorial, but she gives several clips of watercolor botanicals + doodling. I feel like I can figure it out!


I think I need to up my watercolor game this year. :thinking:

I have been in a bit of a paint-y slump lately, but you all are so inspiring I picked up my paints today! I did get new Liquitex acrylics last month but this isn’t my first time using…it could still count as new for the Jan prompt though right? :wink: Oh well either way, here’s my newest page in my journal petite. Inspired by this video.


Your doodles are so neat and perfect! I love it!


I love the way this page goes from sort of chaos at the outside, to calm in the middle. It draws your eye in so well. I love all the textures and layers also!


@megwell loving all your different page ideas!

@photojenn that watercolor doodle page is so cool

@Abbeeroad I love that! I watched some of Susanne Rose Art’s video yesterday.


For the 12 Days of Christmas swap @photojenn gave me this set of art journaling prompts
I put them in card sleeves to protect them from my messy creative style and in this old card box that I think I got from @Magpie ?

And I used the notebook I got from @Renstar to use the prompts,

here are the 2 pages I did following the prompts (You randomly pick 5 cards, shuffle, do what each card says, shuffle again and do them again in a different order.

great way to make backgrounds!

and then I added some simple focal points

and here are some other pages I’ve done in my notebook


How fun! I particularly like the “art” page, but the prompts are great!

Yes! I want to do more of her videos for sure.

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This is the one I want to try.

Anyone around this sunday to journal over zoom? this one looks simple and fairly quick.


My son has basketball practice and a game on Sunday, but I might be able to squeeze this in if it’s at our normally scheduled time!


I should be able to make it


I should have done a poll.

Who’s in for art journaling Sunday at 2pm Eastern time?
@BeesKnees @Edel @calluna @Cyn-energy @marionberries @AIMR @Abbeeroad @photojenn @Cindy @Lynx2Lancer @goatgoddesss
This should be a good one to jump in on if you haven’t joined in before!

This video she paints with inks but you could definitely use watercolors or watered down acrylics. She uses a lettering stamp but you could collage some book text down.
the circles are also stamps but easy enough to replicate using a gel pen and something to trace around.

  • I’m in
  • Not this time

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  • paper to paint on
  • paintbrushes
  • inks, watercolors, watered down acrylics
  • stamps
  • gel or paint pens - optional
  • a sentiment
  • a focal point - could be something you draw or cut out
  • heat gun or hair dryer

I am going to try this to make an alternative to the spray inks. Might be a total disaster, but I happen to have the gel icing coloring on hand. Worth a shot.


I said yes, but I’ve forgotten that I’m away on Sunday, so I might not be back in time

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A free art journal lesson from Stampington


that color palette book she uses looks AMAZING and I can’t find it :frowning:

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What about the design seeds instagram? Lots of color palettes there to look at and use. :slight_smile:

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ooh thanks! I googled the name and the site was coming up as dead and I didn’t get past the first (dead) suggestion for the the insta. So weird because it is fine now…

I will def use her insta for reference! I would still love a hard copy though; maybe I will find it if I keep looking. There is just something about hard copy for stuff like this


Just an FYI - the Teachable site will be down for maintenance on Sunday 1/16/22 from 6 am to 10 am EST. So you won’t be able to access any classes.


Another fun little page inspired by Susanne Rose Art. I’m really enjoying her style.


I was also inspired to make some collage papers today. My kids had a lot of fun with the stencils and stamps lol.

I only found a dozen or so pink splotches on the floor. :sweat_smile: