12 Days of Christmas 2021 Gallery

Day 5 was pandamonium at my house! :panda_face: :panda_face: :panda_face:

Day 6 is a gorgeous mug rug with more of that fabulous retro fabric :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am not sure it’s clear, but the larger Panda is a book mark. X


:musical_note: on the sixth day of Christmas @Amfkinney sent to me…

:musical_note: a canvas tote and notecards

This I bag will work great for holding one of my many wips. I definitely have too many going, but I have several pretty bags to hold them. I love the sparkly htv. I have been afraid to use my Cricut. I really need to try now :blush: Thank you!!!


I thought so :panda_face: - either a bookmark or a panda to sneakily leave under things to startle Mr jemimah…

I love all the pandas, and the awesome fabric they were wrapped in! And the mug rug, and, well, everything!! I feel very spoiled :sparkling_heart:

And, I’m feeling very lucky again this morning to receive this brilliant T-shirt for day seven! Perfect sentiment :turtle:


Those pandas are so stinking cute! And I love that cat fabric!


For day 6 @photojenn made me 2 magnets. The first one is so me! Lol

And the 2nd is this super cute owl with the teeniest crochet stitches.

And @Renstar sent me this cute notebook. I like I can take the pages out and put them back in. I think I’m going to use it for ICAD prompts.


Day 6 gives me 3 lovely pieces of art.

Seeing these together really highlights the versatility of @geekgirl art. I think the was some good stalking there to find I love trees. And more purple and green in the third one. And the middle one, so much to look at, it’s truly awesome.

My day 7 is in a box, so I’ve no idea what that could be!!!


Ooooh. It looks like I made a mistake. That was supposed to be your day 11 or 12.

Just letting you know so you’re not disappointed when you get a small to open on day 11 or 12!


Day 6 from @geekgirl, stencils! I’m so excited to try them, I see lots of gelli printing in my future!


Not a problem, the kinda makes me relieved. I thought it was a lot!!

I’m feeling very spoiled so I doubt I will be disappointed


This is my second time putting my post in the thread and not gallery this year. Sheesh…


Ya’ll, this is ah-may-zing! @bugaboo, thank you for not giving up and giving this away!

The back!

I want to swoon more, but typing is tricky atm.

I love it!


That is gorgeous! I don’t think that would have made it into your package if I’d made this. I wouldn’t have been able to part with it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Day 6 @storerboughtcreation sent me Snoopy as the Red Baron! Thank you SO much. I do adore Snoopy!



I also adore Snoopy, and I was excited to see you listed him as an interest on your questionnaire. I listed some suggestions for these in the card you’ll open at the end, but I can’t remember exactly what I wrote. I didn’t seal any of these. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to add any color to them (I would have ruined it if I tried to do so. You do not want to entrust me with a paintbrush. My sister almost always has to fix anything I try to paint). You don’t have to seal them at all if you don’t want to, but if you wanted to use as a trivet or coaster, I would recommend using a sealant on them. You could also add hardware and hang them on the wall. I wasn’t sure what you might want, and I didn’t want to mar with any holes, so I left them simply as they were. I do hope to hear what you choose to do with them :smiley:


Day 6 was this awesome felt hoop



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@geekgirl I love that seed pod art. Really nice.

Day six

This fabulous embroidered pouch, I love the design, it’s so simple and elegant and the colour and this yummy face mask.


Day 6 is this very pretty Santa. It will look so pretty in our kitchen and in the tea cabinet. Thank you!


Day 7

So I came home from meeting friends and “had to” watch the final of “Strictly come dancing”.

That means it’s after midnight and day 7 is open…

OMG. I adore this guy. Whilst I have special pins for voodoo action, I don’t want to :cry:

He’s now watching the Strictly catch up with me XXX

I love the this


@storerboughtcreation thanks! I did notice they are not sealed and I could add color if I was “brave” enough. I’m going to give it some thought. They will probably be “on display” as a wonderful addition to my Snoopy collection. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!