Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

If anyone else has video suggestions we can do it next time!


I’m so happy to see this. I’ve been having a rotten time at work lately, and starting my Monday morning with art and you lovely friends will be good for my soul :sparkling_heart: Looking forward to seeing you all :smile:


Ooh thanks for the heads up @geekgirl I’ve some friends coming around earlier in the day, we’re doing wedding crafting for one of their weddings, but I hope to be finished by then.

Re gold leaf, and in my capacity as craft supplies pusher, it’s actually really cheap on AliExpress. You just need the leaf and size (go for brand you know in your local craftstore) it’s fun to experiment with.

This is one of hundreds of suppliers.

Of course it’s no good for this week, but fun to have in hand.

@jemimah I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time at work. Hopefully we’ll help put a smile on your face


I’m dedicated to planting the veggie garden this weekend…hmmm, maybe I should apply art journaling techniques to the layout. Fun.

I’ve actually tried being more artsy about planting a veggie garden, but it’s not efficient with our space and multitude of veggies. But it’s my dream.

Oh I want to join so much but not sure if I can. We possibly have another commitment at the same time. I’ll be there if those plans fall through.

I think I’m going to sit this one out–maybe next time.

I can join if I get an invitation

Just sent!

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This was a fun video!
I made 2 pages


I really love them both!!

Here’s mine from today:

Thanks for the fun session guys! Glad I was able to squeeze it in today. :heart:


So happy to see you all for a little while today.

@geekgirl i really like the red/pink in yours and @Abbeeroad the music paper and birds are great.

Now that you said your birds look like pterodactyls, I can’t unsee it, @Abbeeroad ! How fun!

I really did enjoy immersing myself into the project and just seeing and hearing you guys…what a great day for me! I spent the rest of the afternoon taking stock of supplies to do more art journaling…as @geekgirl said, doing art more often is good for the soul!

I also spent some time making faux rice paper…I need to get the gallon size glue! lol

Both layers of a napkin that @Smmarrt sent to me…I sprinkled some ink powder on half to experiment as well.

Small piece of tissue paper (which I like more since it is easier to work with since I have no patience and do not handle delicate papers well…)

I’ll post my page after I find a more suitable white marker and I always think projects need splatter after I am done… :).


That rice paper looks great. I’ll have to try it out. Thanks for sharing the technique @BeesKnees !

I am liking the techniques we did in the art journal zoom and I made a couple of ATCs yesterday


Love the punch of yellow!

That “rice paper” is super cool @AIMR!!

Love the colorful circles in those ATCs @geekgirl!

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I’ve been trying out some of Terry Runyan’s characters after being introduced during the Sketchbook Revival class.


A few attempts


I really want to work on birds specifically but some of the others are fun to try.


I’ll keep practicing.


That looks like yarn around your circles.

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Oh my gosh. Cute!

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You are always finding interesting things to do with your creative skills! I love those!

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These are adorable! I smiled the whole time I was looking at them

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