Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

Love it!

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Recipe please?!

It’s from the link I posted above. Just Wilton gel food coloring and water. I didn’t really measure or anything. We’ll see how it holds up.

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Yes please, I’d like to join in :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’ve all been posting such fantastic pages! Everything looks so good!


Got it, thx.

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I really love how yours came out, especially the hearts! Did you have any favorite pens for doing your writing?

I started on my writing fodder this afternoon. Mainly just playing with different pens and styles. I’m really liking the sharp lettering with posca pens.


Posca paint pens worked the best so I mostly used those. Sharpies were ok. but my favorite Signo uni-ball pens were only so-so.

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Can’t join today, sorry

Yes! Scrolling through, I recognized that. Great storage container for those terrific prompts, how cool!

I was working on this lesson for wanderlust and completely lost track of time!


Gorgeous! Love the texture in the waves.

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that looks amazing! so much movement.

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Results from today’s Zoom-along!

Thanks everyone for the good time :smiley:


Beautiful! Gorgeous colors.

Here’s my page from today:

It was so fun I made a couple cards with the same techniques.

And I did a start of 2022 page as this was my first page of 2022!


And here’s mine! I didn’t draw the butterfly. Someone put the little scrap of ticket-stub washi tape on an envelope they sent me, and it’s been stuck to the side of my cabinet for months waiting for the right (re)use!

(Sorry, it’s super dark in here, needed to use the flash)


I love the quote you put in there. Such a good compliment to your page. Why didn’t I think to put white dots in the black circles? And love the pops of pink.


Here’s my page from yesterday

And I liked the technique so much I made another using India inks instead of acrylic. And borrowed @calluna ’s idea of white dots in the black circles


Oohh your pages are all so pretty. I was away for the weekend, but too wiped to join. I’ll be there for the next one

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I love both of these!! Such a fun page, I’m glad you went back and did another.

I totally want to steal your idea of the 2 black circles and paint pen lines. Love that.

I received an awesome postcard from @Smmarrt today! Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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