Art journaling pages

These are some images from my art journaling these past few months. I was injured in an accident a while back and I have found keeping an art journal to be very therapeutic :blush:
Some of you may recognize pieces of happy mail in there!



… (Struck speechless, just blinking and staring at the images on the screen.)

So powerful and so cool!

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It’s really cool in person too, like thick, heavy & textural. It’s small too, all those detailed doodle are tiny!


I love all of your drawings…funny how the mind works when it is dealing with a stressor…I love the words, doodles, and see that your cat also brought you much comfort!

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I love that cat! :purple_heart: :smiley_cat:

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Finally had a chance to start Fodder School! I am going to venture out to Michael’s to pick up a few supplies…I should have watched the video first because I just placed a large order of art supplies with Blick, including a huge 48x60 canvas and loads of paint!

I hope to catch up before December so I can stay on track…good bye Acorn, hello Fodder!

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So neat! I love all the tiny details. You could sit and look at them for hours.

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He is the best cat!