Art Journaling Zoom Cards

Friday, I participated in the last Art Journaling craftalong zoom of 2022, and had a good time.

Fast forward a few days to a New Year (did that give you whiplash, lol?) and I am working on bird cards. (Of course.) Well, I had purchased some cards that you just insert a picture in to see if I’d like them.

They are okay, but not in love for my bird cards (unless I need something quick.) I decided to put art in them instead! A lot of the art is a background (think masterboard), but I decided to trim my work from the zoom-along, and made these!

The ones in front I did after, and was playing with “liquid watercolor” from dried out markers because that is mostly what I have in my classroom as a supply. Definitely not as vibrant as “real” liquid watercolors, and if I get to stay, I will order some of the god stuff.

Anyway, I used some hand-carved bird stamps @photojenn sent me in the 12 Days of Christmas swap to jazz those babies up. I’m sure if I had used paint or pressed harder, my ink would’ve been better.

Anywho. I like this idea.

Here are my art journaling pieces.

Thanks for looking.

(Also, some of the cut off pieces are becoming magnets. I use those at school and the kids are so fascinated!)

Happy New Year! :partying_face:


Love how you used your lesson to make these!

The landscape ones are wonderful and would make fun magnets, cards, etc. as well.

I find that if I don’t like the stamping I do, outlining them with the same dark markers will make it look a lot cleaner…try them on your bird stamps. You can also add more details, like color, white, etc. I use stamps as a “guide” to further embellish. You can also use markers to create some shading for depth.

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Great ideas. I’ll probably play around more on that one later.

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Love the little houses!

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Perfect for sharing your art far & wide!

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I love your feathers!

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These look so awesome framed as cards!

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These are really pretty.


Very cool artwork, and great way to use those frame cards! It gives the art a nice, finished look.

What kind of paper were you using? You want smooth paper for stamping.

I just stamped it on the watercolor paper I had used. I was just playing around, adding it just for fun, nothing serious. I just wanted everyone to know your stamps and the poor stamping was just because of my use that time. :slight_smile: I’ll pay around more seriously on different paper.