Art projects for college. The medium is light

Currently at art college we have one word to work with, we have to produce 4-5 pieces on that word (which is purposely vague and only a jumping off point) and we use a different medium each week.

This week I decided to really set myself a challenge. I chose to use light as my medium.

I’m so happy with the results!!

I used LEDs -neon wire, and tube. Flame effect bulbs and fibre optics.

@magpie i was thinking of you when I made this.

This one is meant to represent a heart that’s battered and bruised, but hasn’t given up. The light inside flickers

This is a colour changing fibre optic tree that I made in a mad inventor frenzy

In the dark

And the least exciting, an altered lamp, with a shade made from acetates that I used twenty five years ago to give lectures. Clearly you should never throw anything away!


These are so cool! The neon signs are probably my favorite, but you know my junky heart has a soft spot for the transparencies lamp.

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I’m glad you like it, it is my least favourite, there is a fair bit of thought behind it, but it’s unpretty

The neon is pretty, but I love that battered heart. What a challenge you set for yourself. Nice!

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Amazing! K, all of it is interesting & cool looks but, oh my heart :purple_heart: that SIGN!

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They are all brilliant! :grinning: Hard to pick a favourite…

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These are fabulous. You should make a guide how to make such a tree

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That was a fibre optic light I bought on AliExpress, I just wrapped sections with copper wire, added a cardboard trunk and spray painted it copper

€3.11 50%OFF | LED Colorful Optical Fiber Lamp Starry Sky Night Light Atmosphere Holiday Wedding Party Home Decoration LED Night Light Lamp

They really should pay me commission!

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Something to try. I want to provide my epoxy cones with light from beneath and perhaps this is an option.
Thanks Edel

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Wow! Crafting with light! What amazing thing will you pull out of your hat next, Edel? I love the heart the best, but they are all amazing!

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Thanks sweetie. The heart ended up totally differently than I had planned. I bought some of those cheap food baskets. A million years ago you would get food served in them in pubs. Unravelled one to get the plastic coated wire(it was a Sunday and there was nowhere else open!!) Then I had to finagle the wire into a 3d heart shape! Just as well I was going for the battered look! It was not cooperating

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Isn’t that just the way it happens sometimes? Our plans morph into something else as we work.

Yay for hoarding some cool supplies. And using light was a cool idea. I love the way each piece turned out!

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:rotating_light: :mega: :rotating_light: ooOOOooo-gah! oooOOOooo-gah! Your super duper craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Woohoo! :rotating_light: :mega: :rotating_light:

Thank you so much :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

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