Artsy Valentine ATCs

I made these for a swap on another site. All were made in December 2020. They are all super similar so I’m going to list all the supplies used here instead of for each individual card. I used gelli print book pages for the backgrounds, masterboard & gelli print hearts, washi tape, stickers, cardstock, paper ephemera, and postage style stickers from @craftADDchick :slight_smile:

Here they are, “Artsy Valentine” #1 - #7

Thanks for looking! :kissing_heart:


I love them! I really like how can take an assortment of items and tie them together so perfectly well into a beautiful, cohesive piece of art!

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My favourite are the ‘adore’ ones! I can’t wait to get into gelli printing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you :heart: I was happy with how they turned out different but have a similar feel…

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It’s so fun! For some reason I always thought it was something magical that needed extra special talent, but it’s so easy! I just got a baby 3" square and it’s awesome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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The Adore one is so fab.

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Those are wonderful! You know, I have a blank card from you saved to give to my sweetie this Feb. It’s got 9 little masterboard hearts in 3 rows and it is just delightful.

You give good card, lady!

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I made a bunch of them once upon a time…

but only photographed a few. I think I was going to make a tutorial but never got around to it…

I’m so glad you like it :slight_smile:

I LOVE IT! I have been hoarding it for ages. Like, who else am I going to give it to but my man, right? And still, I’ve kept it for myself all these years so far, haha. He will put it up in his office where I can at least see it. Maybe I’ll even put it into a little frame for him…