Ask For Bonnie 4 x 6

I created this for the 4x6 Art Swap - R3. The base is cardstock, with strips of book page and a coloring-page-based masterboard.

The woman and stamp were from stash. The “Ask For Bonnie” came off a note I found in my mailbox last year and knew immediately would be good collage material. I’m not sure the photo is doing justice to just how NUCLEAR orange it is, but a lot of this project was figuring out how to mitigate it.

Thanks for looking!


I love the combination of elements! The phrase with the lady are both intriguing and kind of funny.

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I feel like there’s such a story in this piece! Intriguing! :thinking:

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Thanks! I was really happy with how it came out. I didn’t really create a backstory for it, but now I kind of want to…