Assemblage/Altered Art Small Sculpture

I love, love, love how intuitive making art/creating is. Sometimes I have a firm idea in place before I start something, what I want it to look like. More often than not though, I have no idea. That was the case with this piece which started out as two scraps of wood and a seashell.

This year has taught us a lot about filtering: leaving behind and shutting out what doesn’t resonate because there is too much stress, overwhelm, and disruption to handle everything. This assemblage is about protection of the inner self.

Measuring 9” x 3” x 4”, this piece is made of wood, shell, paper, acrylic paint, copper wire, and found objects.


This is really beautiful, so calm and serene

This is absolutely gorgeous! The texture and distressing is spot on! I love that you just let this piece lead you while you made it.


This is great! Love all the neutral colors.

Thank you very much @Edel, I appreciate your kind words. :grinning:

Thanks, @Kwality570, I am grateful for your feedback. Yes, letting the piece lead is fun (and frightening) and I both love and hate it when I’m in the middle of the process! Thank you again…

Thank you, @geekgirl, I like the neutrals too (sometimes!).

Thanks, @steiconi :smiley:

I love this! The wood looks rusty - such a cool effect.

Such beautiful texture. An awesome piece!

This is such a cool interesting piece! I love assemblage stuff and the textures(? Visual interest?) are always my favorite. This has got some good texture/visual interest.

I love all the relief work on the side. Really stunning.

Thank you so much, and I’m SO sorry, I never saw your message before now (blushing). I appreciate your kind words. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Kira! I apologize–I’m only seeing this message now. I love texture very much, glad you noticed it. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much and I’m really embarrassed I’m just seeing your kind message now. I appreciate your feedback and glad you like it!

Thank you! I’m sorry that I just saw your message now. It was fun seeing it “transform” from boring elements into something else.