Assemblage Art Canvas

This is an assemblage / found object canvas I made recently.
I start off by priming the canvas in black. Then using a bunch of e6000 glue I glue on the first round of random bits and let dry. I paint those bits in black. and then repeat until I think it looks “done”.
Then I will keep adding thin layers of black and metallic paint until I think the piece is finished. This time the metallic colors I used were copper and chartreuse.

I save all kinds of random bits and now people I know have started saving me their random bits. And I save old paintbrushes, broken scissors, etc. I have enough stuff to make a bunch of canvases,


That is so darn cool, thank you for the closeups! I like how it’s sort of “Where’s Waldo”, you know? I’m searching for all the bits everytime I look & I keep seeing more hidden things. So cool.

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Very very cool! I love the layers of paint you used to further highlight the textures and relief.

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So, so cool! I am fascinated by what you find and add in. :smiley:

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So lovely!!!

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I love the colour of it and all that texture. I am getting high and lightheaded just thinking of all the E6000 that you must have been exposed to!

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This looks really neat! I’m curious, do you arrange all the pieces before gluing them down, or is it like a ‘it ends up however it ends up’ type of art? The placement is so well done!

Oh no. That takes too much planning. I just start gluing things down randomly and build from there.

That’s so impressive!

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I think it’s really interesting that in the end you only see the outlines, so any colours and writing etc that might be on the items are removed, I think that makes this really interesting that way, having to guess what certain things are etc. Great job

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It’s how I like to approach most things - just jump in!

That’s very cool. I wonder if I could steal my husbands glue and nice colors to try something like it :smiley:

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@geekgirl thanks for sharing this! Very Loise Nevelson-esque, but with a more personal and detailed touch.

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This is so wonderfully fascinating!

Thanks for your “jump in and do it” attitude and technique!

I am definitely going to do this to use up all of the odd things I have kept for years…I can see how you can use a lot of different color schemes…I do like your layered painting a lot.

This is so cool! I could never do assemblage work, so seeing yours always fascinated me. :smiley:

Fascinating assemblage artwork. I love looking at all the bits and bobs you incorporated in the piece. Very nice!

Nicely done, my friend!

@geekgirl endless things to be fascinated by…and it’s all minnnnneeee! clutchy hands

thank you so much, i love it gg! It’s hung on a white wall so the colors pop out!