ATC & ATCoin Keepers

A few years ago I downloaded a free “ATC Box Mailer” that ended up way bigger than an ATC. So I set it aside.


Then I realized that this was probably because the file was created many years ago and so not read particularly well by newer machines, so I decided to try resizing it to see what would happen. IT WORKED! So I resized it for ATCoins, too.


I don’t think they would work for a mailer in the weight of paper my Cricut cuts, but I think they’ll be great for storing them! The string-tie closure is my own addition; I used multi-purpose punch tool and a BIG needle to make the circles. The letters were cut with a Sizzix Big Shot. Entirely stash built!


I don’t do a lot of ATC or ATCoin trading, but I do really enjoy them.


These are really great! Storage of any kind gets a big tick in my eyes :white_check_mark:
I really love the paper you used to create them too! Snail mail/air mail are some of my favourite things :heart_eyes:

those are great!

These are really cute. They would be an awesome gift for those who do ATCs.

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Thanks y’all!

Same. I almost can’t help myself from picking up papers with postal themes when I spot 'em.

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These are so cute! I love how the words intersect on the coin one.

What a great idea to store ATCs and ATCoins! These are darling.

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