ATC Personal Challenge - corona virus work from days

Every so often, I feel like I need to loosen up my creative juices. I challenge my brain to make something with what I have at my desk. Usually this is my employer’s office desk, but for the next few weeks I get to cheat and use my desk at home. I grabbed the following:

  • a promo booklet for a stock photo house (my home desk used to be my work desk too)
  • a short stack of my business cards from a company that no longer exists
  • glue stick
  • washi tape
  • a bit of mulberry paper
  • and a sharpie

I picked a random picture from the stock promo booklet and started hacking about… in total 5 little themed ATCs


Cool! The colors look nice together. Pretty great for something you cobbled together with available supplies!

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Those look great as is and would also make terrific backgrounds for images and words, like those fun pictures of people doing something and then a caption that is totally different. Fun!

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@Animegirlie i really like this challenge! you’ve inspired me to try it tomorrow.

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I’ve done a few more since I started this thread!