ATC Trio Swap - June - Gallery

Oh I love those! Birds, especially owls, are always at the top of my list. As a trio too these are a really great presentation. :heart::heart:

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Aww, owls! Very cool!

Thank you! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out :slight_smile:

I received from @LindaP (as did @geekybookworm, who did a personal swap with her and will post her cards) today. Linda didn’t mention whose cards are for whom, but we sorted out some cards! And, she sent us each an extra! :slight_smile:

I believe that Linda has also received from us, but has been busy, so here are the cards I sent her:

And the door one opens to this fellow:


@Lynx2Lancer, that’s a great set of cards from @LindaP! I love the softness of the jellyfish and the orca and space anything is always a favorite! I really like your gnome cards! So cute! They make a nice trio together :slight_smile:

Love the jellyfish and the elephants with the balloons! So cute!

I am in an ATC-making mood if anyone is interested in a private swap. And I’m hosting a hand drawn or painted Sloths swap over on ATCsforall if anyone wants to check it out!

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Feel free to send a message to my daughter @GeekyBookworm. She loves sloths and atcs, but isn’t old enough just yet to swap here. I’ll think about your swap on atcsforall.

Here are the ones @LindaP made for me.

I really like all of them!! Thank You, LindaP!!!


I received from @roler :grin: (look at those fun stamps!)

She sent me some salt:

A sleeping fox (so cute!):

And a Margaret Atwood quote “A word after a word after a word is power”:

I think the quote one is my favorite but it’s hard to choose :smile: I don’t know if it’s easy to see in the pictures but these all have a variety of layers that give them some nice depth and dimension. Thanks for joining the ATC swap @roler! I am thrilled to have these ATCs from you (I covet ATCs made by newbies to the craft…) And thanks for hosting @gozer! :grin: It’s fun to be swapping again!!!


So many awesome cards!!

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I received these awesome cards from @megwell. They’re the first ATC Cards I have ever received, so I’m thrilled!
This is the greeting card they came in:

I especially like the vintage Spam ad on the backside.
Here are the cards:
My woodland friends card.

My mystery book card.

My sew crafty card.

I really love the cards you made for me @megwell! Thank you!!!


Hooray! I’m so glad that they arrived and that you like them. I’m honored to be the first cards in your collection.

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I love that waterfall ATC!

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These cards are all so cool! I love seeing the creativity everyone used!

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They are opening up the next swaps and said we could do the ATC chain swap like we used too! I figured I would let everyone know in case someone wanted to host!


Hi all, I am terribly sorry I hadn’t posted photos, until now, no excuseother than I am just unreliable. It’s a flaw I’m working on!

Forstly I received these awesome atcs from my partner @Bunny1kenobi I seriously LOVE the concept of the gryffindorian, so clever!! And that alien cowboy is just the mix up nonsense that I’m HERE for!

And @gozer sent me some baby Yoda cards, I’m so impressed, they are amazing!!!

Thank you both!!!


Glad you like them!! :grin:


I received my cards from @crafty-becky. For my misheard song lyrics theme:

I was raised Parrothead (which she had no way of knowing), so I’m digging the “Margaritaville” reference.

For my books/reading theme; love her dress!

And finally, for my robot unicorns theme:

Thanks so much, Becky! They’re wonderful.


I got my cards from @audity! Yaaaay!

A trio of super sparkly skulls! See the shimmer…

Thank you! These are wonderful additions to my collection!! :smiley: