Round Three of Swaps (swap ideas)

Here we are again! Time to start thinking about new swaps.

We are going to add a few more swaps into the mix. We are going to pick 7 this time. Also, we are going to allow the Ongoing swaps (ATC, Wish…)

This is what we need from you:
Are you willing to run the swap you are suggesting?
What is the time frame for the swap (one month, ongoing, one week)
The size of the package to be sent (that’s what she said!) Small, medium. large…combo…

On July 21st, I will create a poll again (if I need to) and we will vote on the swaps to have.


Vintage Halloween Swap:
Crafting for one month
One medium-extras if partner wants


Ongoing Wish Swap (I’m willing to host two rounds)
Time frame: ongoing for the month (like it was one C-ster)
Package depends on what is picked


I’m still happy to host a fridge magnet swap if anyone wants one! :slight_smile: 3 weeks to craft, must include 5 magnets, at least 3 of which must be crafted (so at least 3 smalls).

I’m also dying for more TM Patches, so if no one wants to host another round of that I could help (but I’d rather just join, of someone does want to host!).

Also also, I have definitely caught the ATC bug and would love to join another round, but have found that chain/ongoing swaps aren’t really my jam, so if anyone does another normal style swap of ATCs, I’d jump to join!


Prairie Schooler autumn/winter swap, round two (I would be the organizer)
Crafting time: 4-6 weeks
One large item, cross stitch is time intensive. Last time most people made ornaments, pincushions etc.
Participants can choose a theme (autumn, winter, one of the holidays)

Round 1 gallery

Trying to think of something…books? Mini books? Jumbo books?


Comfort Creature Swap
Create a stuffie for comfort during this time of crisis. 1 month to craft, any medium. And I cannot run the swap, too many obligations. Sigh.


I love the idea of comfort creature swap.


This is such a cute idea. If no one else wants to host I would do it. Let me think about time frame, unless you have a suggestion.


I remember the mini book swap on C-ster…I love the Firefly themed book I received, it still holds pride of place in my swap goodies shelf :smiley:


I don’t want to host this, but what about a Customize my face mask Swap.

We make a face mask (or several) with special fabrics, maybe even print or dye the fabrics ourselves. Think fashun darling. Or if people really want to have fun with it, do something a bit more on the artsy side like @RagingSloth’s Most Ridiculous Mask Ever. We can work with our partner to let them know what patterns/sizes we prefer, have a couple of themes to run with, and then let the creativity take over.


I love the customize your own face mask swap idea and would be totally willing to host that. So, I suppose it would be a “small/medium” but give, what? 3 weeks to craft something fabulous?


Awesome! You could also add in the Q the option for making more than 1 mask, since the actual construction themselves is fairly simple.

Also embroidery is a whole world of possibilities too :smiley:


oh yes good thinking! This could be really awesome :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh! I have so many ideas!

This time around I would like to propose the Craft this Tote (and fill it!) Swap - This was first started by Leslie’sHappyHeart (such a lovely C-ster member :purple_heart:) I am happy to host this swap - 3 Weeks crafting Time.

Link to the pattern to follow

This is a very small tote, just 7.5" x 8.5" --but it is a blank canvas for creativity! You would be free to embellish it any way you want to match your partner’s tastes (embroider, paint, stencil, appliqué, glue, etc) then fill it with a ‘medium’s’ worth of goodies. These could be store bought or hand made, or a mix of both (so two smalls or a medium).

Link to the C-ster swap gallery


I said I’d host the next round of Ongoing ATCs (approximately a million years ago, pandemic time) so if people are still interested, I can do that. Probably about the same set-up, but I’m wondering if it might work best to have a single ongoing thread for discussion & gallery, and just break out the claim threads by month?

Also, was someone interested in hosting the Animal Crossing swap that got briefly mentioned last time?


A face mask swap!!! :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:


Ahahahaha I’m so happy I started something. :rofl:


I volunteer to host a Happy Mail swap.

you will decorate an envelope (at least 6"x9" in size) by drawing, painting, mixed media, how ever you wish, leaving room for the addresses. then you will craft 5 small embellishments or crafting doo-dads - no store bought.

examples are homemade stickers, stencils, paper feathers. paper flowers, altered paper clips/buttons, ATCS and other small art. etc.

old galleries for ideas:

to recap:
organizer: geekgirl
time to craft: 4 weeks
size/crafting requirements: 1 decorated envelope and 5 small crafted embellishments


I am going to officially offer up:
Creature Comfort Swap
Time: 1 month craft time.
Requirements: One stuffie to offer comfort during these odd times. Any medium.