ATCs: a study in blue

My newest ATCs.

The prompt for this one was “use a stamped image. The background is several layers of stamping and stenciling then lighter blue rays painted on. The person is stamped on a book page.

The prompt for this was blue and silver, circles, and an image of a book.

The next two did not have specific prompts. Just challenged myself to use scraps on my craft table


Utterly lovely! And if you’re interesting I have a circus, including monkeys, for sale… cheap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooo…I love the first one!


These are gorgeous! Each one a little masterpiece.


These are fantastic! Nicely done.


That first card really screams Broadway. The rays are really clever, and I love your colors - they make for a mini suite.

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The first card is my favorite, but they are all amazing.
On the owl one, my mind makes the shape in the lower left corner into a razor, then it says “be fearless”. Thats one crazy owl!

These are so great. I say the phrase “not my circus, not my monkeys” a LOT so that’s my favorite one. I love the texture on all of the backgrounds. So gorgeous and the depth is so nice with the layers.