ATCs and other small art June 2023

Some recent art I’ve made

Prompt - use a security envelope. This is the coolest security envelope I’ve gotten. Wish I had though to photo copy it

Mixed media ATC inspired by Shawn Petite

Prompt - use only gray, yellow, and white

Little robot from Machinarium

Another Mixed media ATC inspired by Shawn Petite

Prompt. - use tickets

Prompt - butterfly

Prompt - clock

Mixed media ATC inspired by Shawn Petite

Prompt - 4x6 with a bear

Prompt - 4x6 still life

Prompt - 4x6 with swearing

Prompt - binder ring cards - 1 vintage and 1 with buttons


Prompt - a woman

Prompt - an animal reading


You are such a talented creatrix Carlee.
Froggy is adorable but that 3rd one with the butterfly is my fave, that’s a colourway I absolutely love.

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Hard to pick a favorite as always, but I’m leaning toward the yellow/gray one or the orange (brown?) inkbox card.

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Some very pretty pieces! I am particularly drawn to the limited palette one (yellow/grey/white), the frog, and the pomegranate. But my fav is the robot! :slight_smile: I love my little robot! :robot:

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These are all amazing! I have a hard time picking a favorite… the yellow / gray / white might be ahead by a hair.

Such a variety you’ve made, as a fan of pomegranate, that caught my eye,

I love all of these and am lucky enough to have collected a couple of them. I find it so cool that I can see your style even when you change techniques and mediums. Lovely work!

Lol…luuuuve the swear one. :wink:

You’re so prolific, I picture you always fiddling with your scraps and paper stuffs to churn out such cool art.